Polished Professional Movement Facilitator

When your program or event demands exceptionalism, Belle Martin delivers. Belle has professionally performed and taught dance and movement modalities across the US for over 30 years.

She combines a mastery of technical knowledge with the intuitiveness of human connection. Beginners to professionals alike rave about her ability to allow them to connect to and feel comfortable in their own bodies. 

Retreat and event organizers exclaim at her unsurpassed level of professionalism, timeliness, preparedness and show-stopping presence.

Whether as a private instructor, performer to an audience of thousands, or facilitator of an intimate group experience, her energy and knowledge is a once-in-a-lifetime find.  

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What We Offer

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The Groove DanceFloor Experience®

The Groove DANCEfloor is a dynamically interactive and creative group dance experience. 

Belle UNITES everyone in a simple movement or rhythm but you get to dance it your own UNIQUE way. While exploring a variety of styles and genres, she encourages you to enjoy and feel good in your body, every step along the way.


Groove FIT

A mind-blowing, FUNctionally integrated fitness experience. Not only do you get to Dance Your Heart Out in the way that best suits your body and soul, you get to enhance every area of fitness you can possibly think of.

Sessions incorporate cardio, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and CREATIVITY for a well-rounded workout.

Groove - Young At Heart

Groove YOUNG at HEART employs the same Groove philosophy of moving your body in a fun, enjoyable, stress-free and relaxing way.

It's designed especially for people who need a gentle workout.

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Groove Kids

Groove Kids takes the fun of Groove DANCEfloor and makes it a family affair.

Designed to keep the attention of the youngest people in the group (as young as 4) while providing an engaging experience for all kids and adults.

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Non-Linear Movement Method®

A somatic practice that allows the exploration of feelings and sensations in your body through movement. It encourages connection, trust and intimacy between mind, body and soul. A journey to self discovery. This is a place to let curiosity explore your sense of self.



TRANSCENDANCE™ takes the mindfulness of yoga off the mat and infuses it with free-form joyful conscious dance.

This mind-body-spirit movement modality is appropriate for all ages, and movement abilities.

It helps you to shake off stress, release tension, rejuvenate your body, center your mind and connect with your spirit.


Dance Magic

"Fun heals everything!"

A cathartic experience of dancing through the chakras. You will move your body, free your spirit, and unblock your mind.

Open to everyone, regardless of experience or physical shape.


Dance Parties


A 2003 study in the New England Journal of Medicine by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that dance can decidedly improve brain health.*

Fire up those neurons as you follow fun choreographies to a kaleidoscope of world music. 

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