The Non-Linear Movement Method®

The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) is a powerful somatic modality to be used as a means of connecting students with their inner landscape.

The method is specifically designed as a “no force/no imposition" somatic modality.

It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical health, ability, fitness level or age.

Regulate theNervous System

  • identify & unwind patterns of contraction
  • relieve bodily tension
  • relieve underlying mental loops

Process and Identify Emotions

  • explore & release
  • physical contractions
  • withholds & emotional closures

Access Bodily Wisdom 

  • train interoception
  • train responsiveness
  • locate pleasure and aliveness within the body

Participant comments...

The Non-Linear Movement session tonight was soooo yummy. Thanks for sharing your Light. xoxo


WOW! THAT WAS PRETTY WILD! THANK YOU SO MUCH BELLE! I would definitely do that again! Amazing play list too!


"Thank you for helping me have a wonderful night sleep after the last non linear. (I forgot to tell you the next day.)


Thank you for the beautiful New Moon Ceremony! 💓


I have thoroughly enjoyed the non-linear sessions you have shared with us. There is so much value in each one.”


"The experience you create is unlike anything I have ever experienced. You are a true mystic💜.


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